“Bo-Pen-Yang” in Laotian ບໍ່ ເປັນ ຫຍັງ means “it’s okay, no big deal”.

Born in Laos when the country was still a kingdom, with a scholarship from the Laotian government, he had come to study in France. Arrived in Paris in the mid-1970s, he was to spend a few years there and then return home. But the political upheaval, the vagaries of life and fate decided otherwise.

In search of his roots, he relives through artistic expression the sweetness of life in the country of his childhood.

Le novice et le chiot - Sayasack PHOUNPADITH

The novice and his puppy.

During his life, a Lao can make himself bonze several times. The retreat of a few days at the pagoda allows him to think, among other things, to make an important decision. One makes a good taste at important events such as before his wedding or during the funeral of his parents to receive Boun – ບຸນ (merits) for oneself and especially for the deceased.

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