le guitariste

"Mao," as he is known by his short name, was born in Luang Prabang, a town in central Laos, on the banks of the Mekong River. He began putting his fingers on a guitar at the age of 12. The passion of this instrument captured him very quickly, as it captured many young people from the hippie period dear to the 70s. The West and its burst of rock'n'roll, at the time, invaded the whole globe and Mao had his ears wide open. The opportunity for him to feed on these new influences and enrich his instrumental practice.

A few years passed and it was 21 years old that Mao left Laos and moved to Paris. It's 1976.

His influences are further enhanced by the typical sounds of blues and jazz fusion pulls him towards ever more seductive horizons. As such, the jazz and jazz rock pianist Chick Corea, sadly recently deceased, and his playing at the same time rhythmic and melodic will particularly touch him. It won't take more than that to bring a new inspiration to Mao's guitar playing.

Mao then composes and works tirelessly his instrument by getting his hands on covers that he performs with his friends Lao and Chinese musicians. The 1990s were an opportunity for him to position himself as an independent guitarist and to continue to work in his community. The first studio recordings were organized and Mao also toured in video clips of covers of the pop repertoire, whether from England, Laos or China.

But in general, for Mao, playing the guitar is a passion that grows in contact with others through encounters and sharing music as well as friendly. Suffice to say that he has his place in the LaoArtists group.

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