Art has no limits and no artist possesses perfection.

Keo is an artist whose Laotian roots offer her past and present Parisian life the benefit of a culture with multiple and complementary origins. Her passion for colors, the crucible of her mind from which everything bursts, and the curiosity she has upraised as an Art for Art have never left Keo since she was a child. Self-taught from the very start, the time she dedicated to painting crafted her pictorial practice off the beaten path of the institution and classicism.

Alongside her studies in Economics, Keo mastered her pictorial expression, with oil painting as her main medium, and participated in advanced workshops at the School of Art and Design EPMC la Ruche (Partner of UNICEF and the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris), of which she came out certificate in hand.

Traveling, which develops inspiration, gives Keo the outline of her style every time she wanders the world: realism, calm and serenity. To meet people, to become passionate about another’s passion, to share and interact with all those she encounters are all sources of emotion a painting conveys, once applied on canvas.

1990, UNICEF invited Keo to exhibit her work dedicated to underprivileged children. 1995, ATD Fourth World* hosted another of her exhibitions addressing the fight against poverty. During these two events, she brought out what all those who know her have summed up in these words: “Keo is an artist brimming with life and humanity!”.

More recently, in January 2020, within the walls of the Bussy-Saint-Georges Europe multimedia library, the non-profit organization ERC reached out to Keo. An exhibition addressing Peace was born. There, as the paintings displayed to the views of many went by, she showed Jewish cultural and religious life in her wellknown realistic style but also, all put in harmony. Several of these paintings were sold.

Encounters and interactions as her perpetual driving force, on February 6, 2020, Keo was once again contacted by the cultural service of the Bussy-Saint-Georges city hall, this time for her expertise in the evaluation process and as a jury member of the 2020 CONTEMPORARY ART – Dadaïsm* exhibition which highlighted amateur arts.

Peinture-Keo (grand-mère de Kasi au nord du Laos)

Meeting in the village of Kasi, Laos

This peaceful rural village is located between the strategic crossroads of Phou Khoun and a five-hour drive from Luang Prabang (a very winding mountain road).
It offers an authentic and traditional face of Laos. Time here seems to have stopped… The villagers live peacefully away from the hustle and bustle of Vang Vieng.
This old lady crossed on the long road marked my mind. In Laos, women maintain gardens, plant rice, bring back wood for cooking meals. They carry their food in bamboo baskets carried like a backpack.
Their hands will not stop working. They leave most of the time for the day. Despite the passing of time their smile continues to illuminate their face, this is the beauty and distinction of Lao women.

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