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Les ethnies du nord, Laos


La Rêverie - Sayasack PHOUNPADITH

“Art has no limits and no artist possesses perfection” by Ptahhotep

We are self-taught artists passionate about the world of Arts, Colors, Words, Music, and the beautiful emotions they emanate from.

Raising and triggering emotions, what a great challenge for LaoArtists!

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“Do you know what art is?

It is the Beautiful in the True, and according to this principle, art has created absolute rules that you would seek in vain in nature alone. If nature alone could satisfy him, you would only have to mold a beautiful model from head to toe to make a masterpiece. If you carried out this idea, you would only produce a grotesque. Talent is to complete nature, to collect here and there its wonderful but partial indications, to summarize them in a homogeneous whole and to give this whole a thought or a feeling, since we cannot give it a soul. In short, the one who, by locking himself in the implacable rules of the Beautiful, comes closest to the True, is the artist par excellence.”

Alexandre Dumas, Son

Peinture-Keo (conversation de deux jeunes filles à la pagode, Vientiane, Laos)
La Danseuse Céleste - Sayasack PHOUNPADITH

In this gallery, you will find the diversity of the paintings on display. It brings together all the works without distinction of theme.

Among these different canvases, you will find a wide range of pictorial techniques such as oil painting, acrylic, simple watercolor in pencil.

The predominant and indolent Laos. Its priceless cultural heritage, its many pagodas. The serenity of Buddhist rituals, slow monk processions in the early morning, gestures of kneeling women who offer rice, psalmodized prayers barely audible. You will be caught in an unspeakable sweetness. Soft landscapes, gentle roads that are the water, the river or the mythical river “Mekong” that carry quietly and unflappable. It’s enchanted and passionate Laos!



“Peace Path”


An exhibition to discover in July 2021 on “Jerusalem, Path of Peace” which will take place at the Literary Café “Al Maarifa” followed by a conference.
Additional information will be provided to you at a later date and in accord with government guidelines to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
Thank you for your understanding.

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